Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Column: No Top 10 List for You

What a week it's been. My dad got married, my job was saved, and the Red Sox season sputtered to a close. I've been pretty busy - I also somehow fit in a two-day trip to Peoria to collect a whole bunch of Associated Press and Illinois Press Association awards for our news group. Yay! Still, very tired.

So once again, I've gone a week without any posts. This is becoming ridiculous, and I'm sorry. I did, however, write up another 2,700-word tm3am column, this one all about three superb albums that will be disqualified for my top 10 list. I have these rules, you see, and every year, some very worthy records are left out in the cold because of them, and every year, I reconsider whether the rules are worth it. This year, Marillion, Morphine and Neil Finn's new project will be outside of my top 10 list looking in. Is this fair? I'm not absolutely sure.

Click on over to read the column, then come back here and leave me a comment. Thanks!

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