Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Column: Preaching 'Bout the Choir

I've been a Choir fan for 20 years. I've stuck with this extraordinary Tennessee band through ups and downs, amazing albums and less-than-amazing albums. I think they may be my favorite band on the planet. And even I am surprised at how good their new one, Burning Like the Midnight Sun, is.

Over at this week, I wax ecstatic about Midnight Sun for something like 2200 words. If you want the short version, here it is: Midnight Sun finds the Choir returning to their late-'80s, early-'90s sound, spinning reverbed guitar masterpieces and sounding more comfortable and assured than they have in 20 years. It's their best album since 1990, and you should buy it here.

For the long version, click on over to read my column, and come back here to leave me a comment. I also compiled and edited my blog posts on Cornerstone into another column here, if you're interested in reading them in another format.


  1. enjoyed your review of the new Choir album. One thing you didn't mention was that "Legend of Old Man Byrd" included at least three references to song titles from Mark's old band (Common Children) - those being "Blue Raft", "Storm Boy", and "Delicate Fade".... if you don't have any Common Children, find some & check them out (three releases - all good -"Skywire"(1996), "Delicate Fade"(1997), and "the inbetween time" (2001) ..... a "way" talented band)...

  2. Hey anonymous,

    I do have all the Common Children records. The Inbetween Time is my favorite, especially the Hammock-y stuff at the end. I could have mentioned the references (as I also could have mentioned other things, like the lyrics to "Love Sanctifies" from Steve Hindalong's solo album reappearing in "It Should Have Been Obvious"), but there comes a point when even I think the review's too long! Thanks!