Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Column: Page One, BNL Zero

This week's column is all about solo projects.

You may remember a few months ago I trashed All in Good Time, the first Barenaked Ladies album since singer Steven Page's departure. It was gray and maudlin and obsessed with striking back at Page. Essentially, it just wasn't any fun. Well, Page has returned to show his old band how it's done. His solo record, Page One, is witty and sharp and a rollicking good time.

Page's album leads off an examination of recent solo debuts, including records from Fran Healy of Travis and Mark Chadwick of the Levellers. Some work better than others, of course. Click on over to read all about it, then head back here to leave me a comment.


  1. This isn't related to your post but I picked up the second album (first I've heard) from Jukebox The Ghost (on Yep records) called "Everything Under The Sun" and I think it might be up your alley. Piano pop with a dash of what I remember Ben Folds Five sounding like and maybe The Feeling's second album? Check out, if you can, in particular "Schizophrenia", "Empire, "The Stars" and the title track, "Everything Under The Sun".

  2. Marc, you're not the first person to recommend this to me, so I'm absolutely going to check this out. Thank you!