Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Column: Mellow is the New Prog

I've been lax in posting here lately, and I just barely got the main column done this week - it's been a busy one. But it's finished and ready for its close-up, over at

This week, I looked at a recent trend among prog-metal bands. New albums from Dream Theater, the Mars Volta and Devin Townsend (of Strapping Young Lad) show a softer side, reining in the usual instrumental overload of this genre. I'm finding the newfound subtlety suits them all, especially Townsend. Click on over to read all about it, then feel free to come back here and comment below.


  1. I've been dragging my feet about writing you to request an RSS feed for a while, and I'm loving the new blog you have. For a while there, TM3AM was the only column I was reading online that didn't show up in Google Reader (and inevitably, this led to me falling behind every so often). Now I'm subscribed to this blog and shouldn't have to fall behind again.

    ...I just got caught up again and wanted to say thanks.

  2. Hey Dan,

    You're welcome, and thanks very much. How long have you been reading? I really appreciate your continued interest in my stuff. RSS feed... yeah, I've been meaning to set that up for years. Got to get on that, and on the complete redesign of the tm3am page.

    Good to have you here, thanks!