Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Column: Roe vs. Pritzl

I am, right now, on my first mid-year vacation since 2007. And so far, it's been great. I've relaxed, I've eaten great food (blackened salmon is wonderful), I've seen old friends. Mike Ferrier and I watched all of The Trial of a Time Lord yesterday, an endurance test I'm not sure I'd recommend to any but the most devoted Doctor Who fan, like us. I've never found the time to see the whole six-hour epic in a row, but now I have. Vacations rock.

You might think I've neglected my column the way I've neglected my blog this week. You're in for a surprise, then, as the new column is up now at It examines new albums from Michael Roe and the Violet Burning, and looks ahead to new releases through September. I very much liked the Roe, a collection of old gospel songs performed with remarkable faithfulness.

I will be back to a normal posting schedule next week - expect this blog to be much more active than it's been. Thanks for your patience. Click on over to read the new column, then come back here to comment.

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  1. The Violet Burning is one of my favorite groups and is one I recommend to others. I still do not fully understand certain olders fans obsession with the 77s, but maybe someday I will get it. Gotta love the Neon Horse.