Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Column: ...But the Moment Has Been Prepared For

Yes, that's a Tom Baker reference up there, and yes, that means this week I turned out another Doctor Who review. But don't worry, music fans, I also reviewed the new Eels album, End Times, and revealed my #18 album of the 2000s. Plus, as a bonus, I scribbled down my thoughts on the recent Late Night Wars, and on Conan O'Brien's last Tonight Show. (The theme is endings, if you couldn't tell.) All this can be yours with just one click over to Head back here to leave me a comment.

Since we last spoke, I've been working like a crazy person. We had a double-fatality plane crash here over the weekend, and some pre-election shenanigans between Republicans running for Congress. So I've been busy, but I sincerely hope to get to a whole bunch of first-listen reviews in the next seven days. Watch this space.


  1. I have enjoyed your writings for the past three or so years and have found we have quite similar tastes with exceptions (Dylan's in my camp and metal and religious squarely in yours). I have even enjoyed your infrequent Doctor Who postings and it is to this point that I wish to comment.

    "The End Of Time" shows have so gotten under my skin that feel the need to rant on websites! I should preface this by stating that I have watched Doctor Who since the early/mid-eighties and have seen all episodes available from the Third to present (There are a few First and Second coming out on DVD that are new to me). I don't universally love all episodes but I do enjoy it. David Tennant is right up there as one of the best Doctors and the new series have been great overall but when it fails it does so spectacularly. I feel that Russell T. Davies entirely mishandled these two shows. There are so many things wrong about the about pace, plot and motivations here but I'll just address what irked me most.

    On the one hand I'll admit that on some level I liked the final 30 minutes (I have a soft spot for epilogues) but in practice I think it hurt the show. It didn't feel like Doctor Who. It felt instead like Davies taking a tour around his five years and showing off: "Look at what I created! See the characters I have forced you to love by constantly bringing them back!" I don't think the Doctor needed to make the rounds (in the slowest regeneration process ever!) to say goodbye because with time travel it's never "goodbye" but "see you later". Having Davies and his mouthpiece, Tennant, revisit the other characters and give a speech about leaving was too much metacomment.

    Well enough of this rant. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Marc,

    You know, I thought I would feel the same way, but the last 30 minutes of The End of Time really worked for me. I found I wasn't thinking of Russell T. Davies at all during that stretch. I was thinking of the 10th Doctor, and his friends, and how he will never see them again - at least not the same way. I was moved by it, which I guess means it was a success, to my mind.

    But I completely understand your criticism, and it sounds like we share some of the same concerns about the other 105 minutes... Thanks!

  3. Appreciated the Eels review. Well put. - j