Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Column: Defending My Indie Cred

People will often ask me how I keep up with all the new music coming out each week. The short answer is, I don't, at least not to the level I'd like. There are very good bands making very good albums that slip by me all the time, and I discover them later, with an embarrassed look on my face. But what can I do? There's so much music, it's often difficult to decide how to focus my meager resources.

The insane levels of hype surrounding every new band that emerges only makes the task more difficult. I spend a good chunk of my time trying to discern whether the buzz I am hearing is real or manufactured, whether the acolytes of a band or musician are genuinely impressed or just concerned with being ahead of the curve at any cost. That hype is the subject of this week's column at, and if I come off sounding like a grumpy old man here and there, well, writing it made me feel like one.

It's not all grousing - I use the indie hype framework to review new albums from Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Beach House and Local Natives. And I reveal the #14 album of the 2000s. Sound good? Click on over to read it, then come back here to leave me a comment. Even if it's just to tell me what a crotchety old bastard I've become.

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