Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Column: All You Need is Love

I'm running out of nice things to say about Taylor Muse.

As the leader of Austin, Texas band Quiet Company, Muse is responsible for my second-favorite album of last year, Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon. That record is grand and epic and beautifully melodic, tackling weighty themes with grace and wit. As you can probably tell, I liked it a lot.

Now Muse and company are back with Songs for Staying In, a six-track EP full of romance, wonder and light. Not to give away this week's column, but I liked this one quite a lot too. If you haven't checked out Quiet Company, well, allow me to persuade you.

Also this week, I dig into Dan Wilson's new live album, I reveal my choice for the #8 album of the 2000s, and I share some quick thoughts on Matt Smith and the new Doctor Who adventure. All that is waiting for you here. Come on back to the blog to leave me a comment when you're done.

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