Sunday, June 26, 2011


Wow, it's been a really long time.

I can't apologize enough for allowing this blog to deteriorate. My last post was in mid-January, when I had just started working for Patch, and I had no idea just how difficult and time-consuming those first few months would be. Ask anyone who knows me - I've pretty much become invisible. But now I think I have more of a handle on it, and I'm ready to start this monster up again.

Here's the thing: I initially started this blog as a supplement to my weekly column, Tuesday Morning 3 A.M., because I had too much music to cover in one place each week. This problem has not gone away. I still buy more music than I can fit into a weekly column, and lately, my thoughts on that music have been bursting out of my skull. I'm finding TM3AM a more difficult slog lately, simply because I have so much to say, and no time to say it all at once. (Does that make sense?)

What I mean is, quicker hits - like these blog posts - will be easier for me, I think, than trying to cover everything I want to say about music in the weekly column. That's the hope, at least. The column isn't going anywhere - look for a dissertation on silly pop music next week, and my thoughts on this year's Cornerstone Festival the week after. But check here more regularly, because my first-listen reactions and thoughts on music news will go here.

Thanks very much for reading, and thanks for your patience with me these past six months. I think we're ready to roll again.

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