Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Column: Armistice Day

I have been dreading and anticipating the new Mutemath album more than any other record this year. It's finally here, after a three-year wait. It's called Armistice, and by all accounts, its creation was a troubled one. And of course, it's the follow-up to one of my favorite albums of the past 10 years, so it has a lot to live up to.

Does it? Well, not quite, but it doesn't exactly disappoint either. Check out my first-impression review of Armistice at, then come back here and leave me a comment.


  1. Great column as always Andre. Could I recommend an album to you. I don't know if it's released in the states or if it ever will. It's by a band called the "Duckworth Lewis Method". The album is a concept album about cricket, and its a cracker. The DLM consists of Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy and a chap from a band called pugwash!?
    The album is very melodic and very english. Well worth a punt.


  2. In Tokyo I was going around to a few different music stores and two of them had entire stalls filled with copies of Armistice. I was kind of shocked, I thought Mutemath was a smaller, underground Chrindie sort of band. (Apparantly they have a song on the Twilight soundtrack? Maybe that's why).

    Anyway, I really did not like the first album very much, and I'm not feeling this one either. I think it's mainly the singing that puts me off, but the song writing also feels kind of CCM-friendly/influenced to me, which is just a style/sound I'm sick to death of now in my I'm probably just overreacting negatively to it because of that. I'll give this album a chance though since it's popularity here has me curious about it.

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  4. Roger: I love Neil Hannon. I will check this out, thanks!

    Jonathan: Mutemath is no longer really underground, and I hear absolutely no CCM on their new album. I would bet money Word would not want this new album either. (Deleted and reposted to add: It's on Warner Bros.)

    Yep, "Spotlight" was on the Twilight soundtrack. Can't help you with Paul's voice. I love it. But if you can point me to a CCM song that sounds like "Backfire" or "Electrify" or "Goodbye," let me know - I'd like to hear it!