Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Column: My Lollapalooza Diary

So I went to Lollapalooza last weekend, in Grant Park here in Chicago. And while I was there, I kept a diary on this blog.

I've expanded and cleaned up that diary for this week's tm3am column, and although regular readers of this blog will be familiar with most of the material, there's a bunch of new observations there as well. Think of this as the finished album, after three pre-release EPs. (Or, you know, think of this as a cheap way of getting out of writing a new column for this week. Whatever works.)

So click on over to read it, and then come on back here and leave me a comment.


  1. you going to the decemberists in october? they're at the riviera.

  2. 1. At the first Lollapalooza, Nine Inch Nails ate every other performers' lunch, including Jane's Addiction's (who I was stoked to see at the time.) Looking back, all I remember from the JA set is the dancing girls. They were just about to break up at the time, so it could be that it was affecting their live performance, because I remember liking them a lot more the other times I saw them.

    2. I hate crowds, and I only want to see who I want to see. Going to one of these festivals sounds like a nightmare.

  3. Ken, yes, I'm going to try. Are you going?

    Kevin, this was my first Jane's show, so it's possible they sucked in comparison to the shows you've seen. But I loved 'em. And yeah, if I've made it sound like a suffocating nightmare, I've accurately described it. It was still worth it, though.