Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Column: Wait, What?

This week at, it's another selection of albums so weird that, if I hadn't heard them myself, I'd probably doubt their existence.

First up is Tori Amos' Christmas album Midwinter Graces, and if you'd told me 15 years ago that Tori Amos would one day make a Walmart-safe Christmas album, I'd have probably said "ho, ho, ho." (I know, that was awful.) Second is Joy Electric's covers album, which includes analog synthesizer takes on songs by the Killers, Keane, Blink-182, Feist, Coldplay and others. That's one that shouldn't work at all, but does marvelously.

The column also includes my thoughts on last weekend's Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars. Click on over to read it, then head on back here to leave a comment.

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