Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Column: Three Live Crews

Yes, it's a terrible title. I'm tired and sick, so sue me.

As the year winds down, and my workload increases, and the slow trickle of new music dries up, I'm finding less and less time for this blog. It's a wonder I got the column done this week, honestly - I finished writing it last night, at around 10:30. Whew!

Anyway, this week at I take a look at live albums from Paul McCartney (his historic Citi Field show from earlier this year), Tom Waits and Tom Petty. You'll probably be surprised at which one I like best. Also, a look ahead to January's new releases, and a bit on why I'm not going to do a Best of the Decade list. Probably.

So click on over to read it, then head back here to leave me a comment. Next week, I promise to come up with a better column title...

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