Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Column: People I Know, 2009 Edition

I have had a hell of a week. I am just barely back on my feet today after spending yesterday in bed, and I have some major stories in the pipeline for the remaining three days. But just for you, gentle reader, I've managed yet again to squeak out another rambling music column over at

This week, I reviewed records by people I know, including the guys in Lost on Liftoff, one of Portland, Maine's best bands, and Andrea Dawn, who made a sweet album called First Try at Goodbye with Jeremy Junkin. I also reviewed the debut album by London duo The Yeah You's, which serves as 2009's long-awaited Britpop masterpiece. (A special thanks to Nick Martin for turning me on to them.)

So click on over to read all about it, and come back here to leave me a comment.