Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Listen: Eels, Hombre Lobo

The new Eels album is... well, it's the new Eels album. I find it difficult to explain why I like Mark Oliver Everett and his work. The songs are simple, the lyrics are pedestrian. (Seriously, check this out, from "All the Beautiful Things": "Birds come down from skies so blue, see all the beautiful things you do, why can't I just get with you." That's for real.) Everett's voice is ragged and raw, and has no range.

But I love the Eels. Love them. Don't know why. This one rocks a little more than I expected, especially "Tremendous Dynamite" and "Fresh Blood," but the backbone is still simple, sweet pop songs. They breeze by, they sound delightful while they're playing, they don't stand up to scrutiny, but I don't care. E's beard is ridiculous, but the album is standard Eels.

Favorite song on first listen: "The Look You Give That Guy."

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