Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Listen: White Rabbits, It's Frightening

It's tempting to call these guys Spoon Jr., since they have a similar to-the-point, piano-pounding sound. Since Spoon's Britt Daniel produced this, the band's second record, it's even more difficult to avoid the comparison. But White Rabbits have a few things up their sleeves as well, including a knack for atmosphere and some very pretty melodies in the album's second half.

But to be honest, it took me four tries to get past the first track. "Percussion Gun" is just so awesome, taking the template Radiohead laid with "15 Step" and exploding it. The song is driven by a barrage of drums, a clean guitar line and Steve Patterson's escalating, reaching voice. It's pretty terrific, and leaves the rest of this decent little record in the dust. The rest is good, especially "Right Where They Left" and "Company I Keep." Worth picking up, certainly.

Favorite song on first listen: "Percussion Gun."

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